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Imagine having one-on-one access to multiple representatives of federal agencies, all of whom have resources available to help address rural health care and social issues. That dream came true for the people who attended the UND Discovery grand challenge event earlier this week. Representatives from eight federal agencies came to campus at their own expense to discuss grant and research opportunities and to solicit proposals for some programs. The University has the capacity to help solve rural issues, said Thomasine Heitkamp, who with grand challenge team members invited the federal representatives. She noted that the event was held during National Rural Health Week. Equally rare was hearing directly how agencies help rural communities and the types of research and education they help fund. A panel discussion allowed participants to learn even more about submitting proposals. The day was capped by a solicitation for proposals. About people attended the UND Discovery grand challenge event, held earlier this week at the Gorecki Alumni Center, including representatives from eight federal agencies.

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Can told 3Ders about getting to grips with 3D printing, being inspired by Middle Eastern motifs, and understanding the ‘language of the machine. The operation, which was an overall success, has changed the life of a young mother from the Northern Irish city. The rocket reached orbit on Sunday, delivering three small satellites on behalf of Planet and Spire Global.

More Watch this 3D printed piano-playing robot jam with its violinist creator Jan. The musical robot, which pushes piano keys using pronged 3D printed fingers, was developed specifically to accompany its creator while he plays the violin. More Texas hobbyist’s 3D printed crystal radio works without a battery or external power source Jan.

Science: Speed Dating Wissenschaftsdate zwischen Jugendlichen und ForscherInnen im Rahmen der BeSt. Ein Date mit der Wissenschaft: Die Messe für Beruf, Studium und Weiterbildung BeSt ermöglichte die besondere Art der Begegnung mit Forschung, Technologie und Innovation im Rahmen kurzer „Dates“.

But some concordancers are also able to produce a full concordance comprising all the words and other linguistic elements of the corpus. In reality there are numerous parameters to look for, such as speed, the size of the corpus the software can handle, the languages supported, the amount and quality of the documentation; especially the last point might be important if you are new to concordancing.

Trial or demo versions of most of these concordancers are available on the Web. All the necessary information can be found at their websites. Pricing also varies a lot – and so does the amount and quality of the documentation. It was a concordancer written for DOS, dating back to a version originally written for the tiny Sinclair Z80 computer in the s Johns a ; Johns b.

It was finally published by Oxford University Press in , together with a substantial corpus of texts from the Independent newspaper and a manual. MicroConcord was impressive for its time, but programs running under DOS are now technically obsolete. The following Figure 1 is a screenshot from MicroConcord. A screenshot from MicroConcord Concordance by R.

The fast concordance is really fast. The full concordance is slower. Making a full concordance of a very large corpus requires a lot of computer power and patience. The user interface is quite intuitive once you have worked a little bit with it.

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Mit seiner Verfassungsbeschwerde wandte sich der am Angesichts des Unrechts und Schreckens, die die nationalsozialistische Herrschaft verursacht hat, ist Art. Das Grundgesetz kann weithin geradezu als Gegenentwurf zu dem Totalitarismus des nationalsozialistischen Regimes gedeutet werden. Das Grundgesetz rechtfertigt deshalb auch kein allgemeines Verbot der Verbreitung rechtsradikalen oder nationalsozialistischen Gedankenguts schon in Bezug auf die geistige Wirkung seines Inhalts.

Es wirkt dann als ein Korrektiv, das es erlaubt, grundrechtlichen Wertungen im Einzelfall Geltung zu verschaffen.

• Created and rolled out activity plan for cross-funtional consumer-centricity programme (safaris, speed dating) • Delivered multi-country e-vapour U&A study, leading to strategic business Title: Consumer Insights Manager at .

For von Ehrenfels, Gestalt qualities rest uni-directionally on sense data: In contrast, Wertheimer claimed that functional relations determine what will appear as the whole and what will appear as parts i. Often the whole is grasped even before the individual parts enter consciousness. The contents of our awareness are by and large not additive but possess a characteristic coherence. They are structures that are segregated from the background, often with an inner center, to which the other parts are related hierarchically.

They arise from continuous global processes in the brain, rather than combinations of elementary excitations. They maintained a distinction between sensation and perception, the latter produced on the basis of the former. In their view, perception was not the product of sensations but it arose through dynamic physical processes in the brain. Although the Berlin theorists adhered to a nonmechanistic theory of causation and did not analyze the processes into stages, they did believe that the functional relations in the emergence of Gestalts could be specified by laws of perceptual organization.

He proposed to treat the neurophysiological processes underlying Gestalt phenomena in terms of the physics of field continua rather than that of particles or point-masses. In such continuous field systems, which he called strong Gestalten, the mutual dependence among the parts is so great that no displacement or change of state can occur without influencing all the other parts of the system.

These he distinguished from what he called weak Gestalten, which do not show this mutual interdependence. By this he meant functional instead of geometrical similarity indicating that brain processes do not take the form of the perceived objects themselves. In addition, he insisted that such a view does not prescribe complete homogeneity of the cortex but is perfectly compatible with functional articulation.


Geochronological and structural constraints on the geodynamic evolution of the easternmost Lower Austroalpine units Eastern Alps , Supervisors: Owing to the strongly seasonal climate on Earth, one overarching hypothesis is that changes in seasonality may have contributed to both climate transitions or modified ecological behaviour, hence the necessity for sub-annual time resolution.

Deep-time palaeoclimate work includes the development and application of large-benthic foraminifera as a viable new tool especially for the Paleogene Evans et al. Glacial-interglacial research focuses on speleothems Luetscher et al. Work using teeth focuses on various projects including human and faunal samples e. Using a combination of spatially-resolved isotope proxies Sr, O, Ca in combination with trace element ratios and enamel histology we can reconstruct past life histories at unprecedented resolution Alt et al.

Reposting to note extended deadline, and interest in Digital Classics, of the forthcoming issue of Studia Digitalia. Studia UBB Digitalia (ISSN ) is the official journal of the Transylvania Digital Humanities Center – is a peer-reviewed, open access scholarly publication, indexed in CEEOL and dealing with subjects of general interest in the field of digital humanities.

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Our Linz hotel also provides modern conference facilities with up-to-date audiovisual technology to help you host a successful meeting, banquet or other special event. Located on the 6th floor, the hour fitness center has square meters of floor space with state-of-the-art exercise equipment. We offer indoor parking for up to vehicles and an electric vehicle charging station. Free high-speed Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel. Our front desk offers a wide range of helpful concierge services.

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He taught in Milan and then Rome, and was the author of more than fifty technical books. He was involved in installing turbines in Italian cruisers and battleships ass well as equipping the first locomotive for turbine drive, Later Belluzzo went into politics; He was elected to Parliament and was Minister of National Economy from to Mentioned in Ransome-Wallis’s brief survey of unconventional locomotives Concise Encylopaedia p.

Most of remaining information off another website.


Heathfield Updated March 18, Have you ever heard of speed dating? It’s an opportunity for people to quickly meet a large number of people to potentially date. Attendees are paired with each person attending the session for two minutes. At the end of the two minutes, the people move to their next partner. So, attendees meet a large number of people in a short period of time, The goal, of course, is to find one or more people with whom you’d like to spend more time on an actual date.

Participants exchange names and contact information during the two minutes so that they can connect with the people who appealed to them following the speed dating session. It’s an efficient way for people who are interested in finding a special someone to meet a large number of people quickly in a safe environment. Presumably, the other attendees share similar goals and expectations when they decide to participate in speed dating activities.

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However, much has happened since it went up, including the Blogger outage. Scroll down for a report on that. More new posts will be added below this one.

Startupbootcamp is a global network of industry-focused startup accelerators with programs in 13 locations. Startupbootcamp was awarded as Best Accelerator during the + connections.

Jauk set up a study involving 90 people who participated in a series of speed-dating meet-ups. Every participant was evaluated to determine their level of personal narcissism. They were also shown pictures of the other speed-dating participants and asked to rank their physical attractiveness. The results were very interesting. There were definite correlations between the people that men and women selected for short- and long-term relationships and their levels of narcissism.

For starters, narcissists CARE what they look like. Like way too much. And, while that might be annoying as hell in the long-term particularly if you have to share a bathroom with them , when it comes to dating, physical appearance DOES play a huge role in how we select a partner. It plays to their strengths. Narcissists are also, by definition, kind of desperate for self-love.

They need you to love them as much as they love themselves. They know all their best angles. They thrive when it comes to presentation.


Ein Date mit der Wissenschaft: Auch die Med Uni Graz speed dating graz uni mit einem Forscher dabei: AG-Speeddating Care children, and biggest differences we see between western girls and not as close at that age small. Social media sites to include on business cards and even shared a kiss date, but the refuses to meet your life partner. That would required sm write at least month currently on a mission to document the war from cents red velvet dating rumors a site for few years and posts.

Baumit Imagevideo Baumit was founded in as an umbrella brand of two Austrian producers of construction materials, located in Wietersdorf, Wopfing, Bad Ischl, Peggau and Leoben.

Click to share on Pinterest Opens in new window Graduate student Allyson Mayer visits with Carlos Bernal-Mizrachi, MD, assistant professor of medicine and of cell biology and physiology, at the Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences poster presentation event in August. Allyson Mayer walked from poster to poster, weighing considerations that will help shape her next few years at Washington University in St. Louis and her career as a biological scientist. Mayer mulled over her choices as more than 90 faculty members who had gathered last month at the Eric P.

Newman Education Center on the Medical Campus manned posters highlighting their research findings. From the left, Stacey L. A rotation lasts about six to 10 weeks, giving students a chance to experience a laboratory hands-on. Students also are exposed to a wide variety of research, some of which they might not have considered before.

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It is our objective to develop universal concepts and methods. In order to meet these challenges, we want to keep our finger at the pulse of international, ongoing research. This said, it simultaneously is our strategy to let difficult, real-world applications drive our research and development. We see collaboration with industry as an important plus for an engineering lab like ours.

• Created and rolled out activity plan for cross-funtional consumer-centricity programme (safaris, speed dating) • Delivered multi-country e-vapour U&A study, leading to strategic business investments and expansion. Marketing Research Executive Karl-Franzens Universität Graz – Uni Graz;Title: Consumer Insights Manager at .

Well, in one NUHS class called “The Clinical Encounter,” you won’t actually find speed dating, but you will find an exercise modeled after the popular meet-and-greet process. They form two circles and take turns pairing up and play-acting a doctor and patient’s first meeting – ala ‘What brings you in today? This way, each student sees about eight doctors and eight patients.

The skills they learn here will help them make better diagnoses, better treatment decisions, and build productive relationships with patients, improving their career success. We break down the material into six different elements: Shiel, who earned his PhD in counseling psychology from the University of Notre Dame, and has served on National’s faculty for 28 years. The course alternates each week between group exercises such as speed dating night, and working with standardized patients in National’s Treatment and Assessment Center.

For speed dating, students have had a week’s notice to prepare as patients, bringing real or imagined conditions to the class. When it’s over, Dr. Shiel challenges them with a series of questions: Shiel strives to impress upon his students that the very first questions a doctor asks when meeting a patient will influence how that patient feels and behaves from that moment on, and will influence the quality of information the patient gives, which can in turn affect the physician’s diagnosis.

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While there is broad consensus that these two seemingly contradictory faces of narcissism can be empirically discerned and have different implications for psychological functioning and mental health, there is not yet agreement on whether grandiose and vulnerable narcissism should be regarded as independent traits or as two manifestations of one personality trait. Previous research indicates that both views hold true when the level of grandiosity is considered a moderating factor: The trifurcated model partitions narcissism into three main personality dimensions: In the lower range of grandiose narcissism, grandiosity draws more upon agentic extraversion and is largely associated with mental health.

In the upper range, however, grandiosity is more strongly linked to antagonism and is substantially associated with fear, negative affect, and depression. These findings provide evidence for the view that grandiose and vulnerable narcissism are distinct traits at lower levels of grandiosity, but blend into an antagonistic core with signs of psychological maladjustment at higher levels.

Implications for research on narcissism as a personality trait, as well as clinical practice, are discussed. Introduction Narcissism is a personality trait with two faces: Earlier empirical research on narcissism focused on narcissistic grandiosity, which is the most well-studied characteristic of narcissism and is still dominant in the formal diagnosis of narcissistic personality disorder American Psychiatric Association, In the past decade, however, increasing attention has been paid to vulnerable narcissism as an independent trait in narcissism research e.

Grandiose narcissism is characterized by self-importance and feelings of superiority, as well as interpersonal exploitativeness Raskin and Hall, Vulnerable narcissism, in contrast, is characterized by hypersensitivity, defensiveness, and withdrawal e. Grandiose and vulnerable narcissism build on distinct nomological networks and are either weakly related or even uncorrelated in the general population depending on the measures used; Miller et al.

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